Homing Beacon Man

I reckon everyone’s got some kind of super power. Some folks can do epic cards tricks that make you believe in sorcery, while others can fold fresh bed linen like a ninja… me, I’m a human homing beacon for the ragged characters and weirdos that roam around the places I love to photograph. Conversations usually start with a “hey there, my white friend”, or “hey man – you wanna get high?” and end with having a new friend who’s got a great story to tell. I’ve no idea where this amazing gift has come from, some say it’s my friendly face or that it’s my perpetual plumblers crack that draws them in…who knows. Anyway – all these portraits were captured when I had my head buried in a Californian view of some sort. Enjoy!

T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-01 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-02 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-03 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-04 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-05 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-06 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-07 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-08 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-09 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-10 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-11 T.Dixon-US Portraits-BLOG-2015-12