A Night at The Raceway

Toby Dixon_SPRINT_BLOG_02

Sometimes you’ve just gotta get out of the humdrum and head to a place where the earth rumbles under a charging herd of high octane 950 horse-power engines, creating a nuclear-like dust storm that makes Mad Max feel like The Sound of Music. It’s a place where you breathe Methanol fumes as if it were [read more]

The Last Free Place in America

Toby Dixon-Slab CIty BLOG 06

Welcome to Slab City –  the last free place in America (so some say). It’s a squatter’s camp of about 150 locals who reside off the grid in all kinds of makeshift houses, caravans, old buses and tents. It’s got no electricity, no running water, no sewers or toilets, no trash pickup service – but it’s got [read more]

Salvation Mountain

East Jesus-BLOG-03

A lot can happen to a bloke out in the desert. And after a while, with enough sunshine, moonshine and time to think a man begins to see things and maybe even talk to himself a little bit. Or when that gets boring he just decides to dedicate his entire existence to building a giant [read more]

The Fun Police

Drum Circle-BLOG-11

While it’s hard to see through the thick haze of weed smoke, the weekly drum circle that forms on Venice Beach on sundays is nothing short of a visual spectacle. Hundreds of perfect strangers congregate to get down to the accoustic rave and welcome in the new week…that is until the cops show up and [read more]