The Fun Police

Drum Circle-BLOG-11

While it’s hard to see through the thick haze of weed smoke, the weekly drum circle that forms on Venice Beach on sundays is nothing short of a visual spectacle. Hundreds of perfect strangers congregate to get down to the accoustic rave and welcome in the new week…that is until the cops show up and [read more]

Venice Beach Skate Park

venice skate park 26

Venice Beach, California, is the birth place of Skateboarding. Back in the 70’s some young blokes named ‘The Z-Boys’ (Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva and Jay Adams – among others) got their hands on some revolutionary rubber wheels and began to ride the empty concrete pools of the neighbourhood. These days the massive park is designed [read more]

Africa : behind the scenes


I love being able to go back through the archives of photographs taken on the side of trips and being surprised by how interesting they seem when you’ve had a little time and distance. All the images below were taken exactly three years ago on a massive trip around the globe shooting for Kinross Gold. Our small crew roamed [read more]

Well, hello there… we’re Stampede.

FINAL with logo

It’s profound what can evolve from a conversation at the fade of a three-day night out… Thirteen years ago, myself and Alex Feggans badly line-danced our way around The Calgary Stampede – a rodeo in Alberta, Canada. Through the thick haze of a long night that’d been, we contemplated our futures and decided that one day, somehow, we’d work together makin stuff. [read more]

The Royal Tasmanians


Fresh off the proverbial press is this little ditty – the latest TVC & Print Campaign for the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT). With creative direction by Duke Edward Carveth and his talented troop from BWM Melbourne – this was without a doubt one of the most fun and rewarding campaigns I’ve ever had the privilege of working on. Co-directed with my main-man, [read more]

We Be Truckin Some.


St Vincent’s Health Australia have created a confidential support line, 1300 DRIVER, to help our truckies and their families look after themselves better and as a result, make our highways safer. While shooting bearded, sweat-ridden man-beasts is somewhat of a hobby of mine, the main highlights were working with legends Eran Thomson (Noticecorp) and Amy ‘Boss Lady’ Nadaskay (Monogram) [read more]

The Preparation

The Preparation

Fresh off the press is a spanking new print and motion piece for 2C Artist Management. Co-Directed by my main man, Alex ‘Sandle Socks’ Feggans and starring veteran Australian film and television actor, Francis Edwards, we had a beautiful day watching a legendary man strut his stuff in tight black speedo’s… weird as that may [read more]

Split Personalities


For this assignment I wanted to do things a little bit old school. Instead of shooting two separate images and retouching them together to create this ‘split personality’, we did everything though camera with clever styling (Monique Moynihan, 2C) and makeup (Budi, 2C). No cutting, no comping, no Photoshop trickery. I’d love to tell you [read more]