I stumbled upon this video looking for reference for an upcoming assignment. Im not completely sold on the idea of a fashion label (in this case, Diesel) putting their logo to something so morose as the situation in Afghanistan, but hey – the film is insightful, unique and very interesting. SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE [read more]

Everything is Data.


I could waste time and space with superlatives when referring to Radiohead (and more particularly Thom Yorke…) Instead Im just going to let you watch the clip and get on with peppering your ears and mind with awesomeness. Directed by James Frost, Director of Photography Yon Thomas. Below is ‘The Making of Video… brilliant.

Beautiful Bugs


A few months ago I purchased a box of exotic bugs online as I wanted to test out my new macro lens (Mamiya 120mm f2.8 macro). I havent done any post on them as yet but i though Id throw them up here for you to check out.